300-Year Vision


We make the “stage” for all of you, on which latest technology supports you to exert your diverse creativity, regardless of your nature, credo, origin, gender or age. We are all on the same stage, and every one of our small steps gets together to become a giant leap; creating new business, growing cultural activity, improving the global environment, all of which will have been having a good impact on our society for the coming 300 years.

We also promote interaction across communities, disseminate appropriate use of technology, and enhance sustainable use of resources, leading to prosperity of us humankind in the next 300 years.


  1. Why 300 years? Back when we were at the initial stage of staring a business, our consensus was that in order to actualize a kind of world in which every individual can freely live, the timespan of at least 300 years would be necessary. We also believe that by putting our emphasis on solving universal issues which will likely to continue for the next 300 years, we will able to produce the kind of outcomes which will eventually contribute to humanity for a century.
  2. ”Any individual of character, religion, origin, gender or age ... by their diverse creativity” We believe that even in today’s society, there are considerable number of people who are marginalized. Albeit its reality, our hope is to create a world where these people can fully extend their capabilities and unique characteristics. Understanding towards the freedom of belief, origin, gender and age have been evolving since the human rights’ movement after the 19th century, yet there are instances in which individuals’ characteristics (preference or character) are judged upon public participation. We would like to create a society where weirdos and marginalized can flourish too.
  3. ”To provide an all-encompassing environment ... to indulge in latest technology” This is an embodiment of our desire to establish a platform in which latest technology at the time is accessible to any individual. As an example of today’s society, we would like to create a space where everyone can fully perform the power of the Internet. Imejin, from a perspective of design, is an embodiment of the space, too. The key is “to provide an environment”; our defined mission is to help them at their potentials as a supporter.
  4. ”Through this, ... by generating trade” We believe that trade is the ultimate tool for individuals to fully perform at their potentials. Our philosophy is that as long as people are producing, they will belong to somewhere in the society and will able to feel that they are contributing. Most of the modern struggles come from the feeling of not being wanted by others. Trading can diminish the frustration. Therefore, becoming the driver in creating such opportunities for trading is a critical element to our mission.
  5. ”Promoting cultural activities” Cultural activities (entertainment, literary art, arts, music etc) are actually very important for living a fun life for human beings, and they also provide a platform where everyone can extend their own capacity as well as characteristics. Hence, this element too is very crucial to our mission to create a society where everyone’s character can flourish. Imejin believes that our approach of optimizing design business can help promote cultural activities.
  6. ”Enhancing space environment” space here indicates the Earth and its surrounding area. When we think about the lives of human beings for the time frame of 300 years, the problem of how to live in such a space environment including the Earth and how to utilize it is inevitable today.
  7. “We strive to continuously contribute to humanity for 300 years” The emphasis here is that our commitment doesn’t go as far as interfering with “people’s happiness”. We strongly believe that human happiness should be defined by themselves, therefore as a firm we are one of the contributing factors to human happiness in the society.
  8. What’s the second paragraph about? This is what we think is our limiting condition for human activities. We as a firm strive to prevent issues from exponentially damaging human lives if left untouched.
  9. “Promoting trans-community interaction” The first issue we have in mind is the risk of ethnic conflicts and international wars. It is unfortunate to see people misunderstand those of different communities and attack them on the premise of the differences; and these will potentially lead to block us from living safe lives. Therefore, we will actively engage in activities for promoting mutual understandings. Specifically, we are thinking of accepting foreign students to our firm and diversifying the workforce. There are many opportunities we have now if we put our head around it.
  10. ”Appropriate use of technology” refers to nuclear energy plants and nuclear weapons. Just like we have witnessed on the 11th March, 2011, it is usually taken for granted how easily technology can slip out of our hands and damage our lives if not limited. As the possibility of human massacre machines (AI) is coming closer to its realization, Imejin will contribute to secure its use as a framework. This is still in the foundation stage and we are yet to be certain about what we as a firm can do. However, not to be misleading, we are enthusiastic about the use of technology. We fundamentally believe that advancement of technology can help people live much fun lives.
  11. ”Sustainable use of resources” refers to fossil fuel and bioresource such as eels. Seen in the example of Easter Island which has perished due to extermination of woods, topical finitude of resources could leave detrimental damages for the people in the community. This is still in the initial stage and we are yet to be certain, however, in the time frame of 300 years, this issue is something we would like to commit ourselves into
  12. ”We are as a firm responsible for further fostering human survival in the next 300 years” We believe that in 300 years, there is a possibility that human race might be extinct or be devasted, our responsibility as a firm is to prevent that from happening as much as we are capable of.
Imejin Inc.